Wind Measurement

"Know where the wind comes from"

The success of a wind energy project is in direct relation to the wind conditions on site. If no adequate and reliable data exist for your location we support you in the execution of wind measurement and our expertise with different measurement system provider for wind measuring masts (60 – 200 m) or LiDAR mess systems.

We take over and coordinate all necessary work for measuring masts and LiDAR measuring systems to exactly examine the wind conditions on a location. Qualified employees will support you in planning the wind measuring campaign, monitoring the building, evaluating the wind measurement mast regarding IEC or TR6 comformity, looking after the whole measuring campaign, prepare and evaluate the data.

We offer the following building blocks for wind measuring. It is up to you if we process these building blocks completely with you or as a single block. You find the necessary hardware for a wind measuring campaign at our subsidiary EOL.

  • Planning and building monitoring of the measurement – “Planning how to measure the wind”

We plan and monitor the measuring setup to enable that the TR6-compliant or IEC-compliant execution of a wind measurement campaign is ensured and you won’t be surprised later with regard to financing your wind project.
In addition to the assessment of the wind measurement location from a technical point of view, recommendations for the selection of the sensors and measurement installations, the examination of the energy supply and the configuration of the data logger belong to our services. In this way we ensure that the measurement system is tested and calibrated according to international standards.

  • Acceptance and IEC-/TR6-conformity – “Checking projects and make recommendations”

We check for you if the wind measurement mast complies with the requirements of the IEC and / or the Technical Directive 6 of the “Fördergesellschaft Windenergie e. V.”. You will receive a list of the deviations as well as a subsequent assessment including certificate.

  • Supervision of the measurement – „We assume responsibility and we don’t let anything out of our sight”

At your request CUBE Engineering looks after the wind measurement for the whole measurement period. In addition to the regular data retrieval and the control of the measurement data we monitor the functionality of the sensors and of the data logger and monthly create brief reports of the measurement.

  • Data preparation and evaluation of the wind measurement – “The personal signature plays an important part for us”

When all measurement data are documented and made clear, all preparatory tasks for the creation of a wind assessment begin: the determination of the wind conditions for the measurement period, long-term comparison and the wind profile analysis. For more complex locations, we include additional mesoscale model simulations.


Carmen Bartelmai
Director Wind Assessment