Due Diligence

Even if you are not planning your own renewable energy project, you may be in the position of taking over an existing project. The key question in such a situation is the true value of the project in its
current state. This valuation is reflected, of course, in the purchase price, and can be reviewed by
independent experts.

At CUBE Engineering, we can conduct such technical project reviews for you in the areas of wind and solar energy, taking into account the following points:

  • Securing property rights (e.g. for energy facilities or line connections)
  • Location and resources
  • Technologies in use
  • Grid connections
  • Validity of approvals, registrations, licenses and contracts as well as profitability

Our customers profit from our expertise; we possess a critical mass of market-relevant experience. And we network with an extensive group of experts in preparing all our analyses and studies to tap into an even broader, interdisciplinary body of know-how.


Stefan Chun
Managing Director


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