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The wind industry is filled with large seminars where the topics are already fixed. What if there were a seminar where you could choose to learn about only the topics you’re interested in?

CUBE Engineering offers private, small group seminars where the client can easily create his or her own seminar on different topics such as wind assessment, planning and project management, management consulting or decentralized energy systems.

Our experts meet with you at your choice of location and present the most up-to-date information about your chosen topics in an interactive, engaging way.

Time is reserved during the workshop for questions and participants are encouraged to bring project specific issues, even documents, which our experts can evaluate on-the-spot. There is also the option to book longer periods of time for project-specific discussion with our project-coaching service.

Who is it for?
Everyone who is interested in planning, building and maintaining wind farms:  energy utility companies, project developers, community wind projects, government at all levels.
CUBE College is designed for those new to the wind industry to those familiar with some industry topics, but would like to know more about a certain topic, or just need to brush up on their knowledge.

How can I build my own seminar?
CUBE College courses are structured like courses at a university, with each topic having an introductory course—called a block-- and more advanced courses which build on the introductory block.
Each seminar day contains up to five one-hour blocks which the client can choose as he wishes.

Number of participants: 2-12
Seminar length: 1-3 days
Location & date: CUBE’s office in Kassel or Hamburg, Germany or at the Client’s offices. Date chosen in cooperation with the client.
Price: Per participant upon request; includes lunch when seminar takes place at CUBE’s offices.


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