Zöschingen / Germany - The site is located ca. 35 km north of Ulm. Assigned for CUBE Engineering were a noise and shadow assessment of 13 planned V-112. There are no other turbines which have to be considered. The planning takes place on bavarian ground, but both immission points in Bavaria and in Baden-Würtemberg are influenced.

  • Noise Emmission Prognosis
    • Site Visit
    • Identification of relevant immission points
    • Research of source sound power levels of WTG type
    • Calculation of noise propagation for a wind farm
    • Noise Map (Isophones)
  • Shadow Flicker Study
    • Site Visit
    • Identification of relevant immission points
    • Prognosis of the astronomically maximum possible period of shadow flicker
    • Prognosis of the meteorologically presumable period of shadow flicker
    • Uncertainty Analysis
    • Shadow Flicker Map

Creating a noise assessment and shadow flicker analysis for a Bavarian location. Because of its border near location the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg guidelines count for the missions.