Accreditation and QM

Since its establishment, CUBE Engineering GmbH has operated as a highly responsible company dedicated to its clients’ needs, their projects and the highest working standards. The organization’s certified Quality Management System (QMS) with two-person integrity is the fundamental backbone to provide continuously independent and high level expertise using the latest state-of-the-art techniques and best available scientific practice.

CUBE is an officially accredited laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (registration no. D-PL-11038-01-00, internationally applicable) which follows the most important national and international technical guidelines (e.g. IEC 61400-12, IEA Guideline No.11, FGW TR6, DIN EN ISO 9613-2, VDI 2714) for standards in the wind industry. The accreditation encompasses the following certification activities and procedures [audits]:

  • Evaluation of the Ambient Turbulence  
  • 60% Certification according to the German Energy Feed-In Law (EEG)
  • Determination of Reference Production according to the EEG

CUBE’s business is steered by the knowledge that the quality of the work is essential for the success of a client’s project. Our staff sticks to us because of progressive working conditions, creating a working atmosphere that fosters creative and accurate work. To fulfil all the different tasks in all kinds of wind related projects our staff comprises of experts from multidisciplinary areas of expertise like Meteorology, Geography, Landscape/Ecological Planning, Environmental, Civil and Electrical Engineering. Using in-house or public training we keep our staff up to date with technology and science.

Our enterprise is a member of various working and scientific study groups as well as committees, which aim to advance the technological and economic development of wind energy. One of them is the wind expert advisory board of the federal Wind Energy Association of Germany (“BWE Windgutachterbeirat”) which has established and maintains the standards for wind assessment.
CUBE has committed itself to adhere to the national and international working standards. All work will be performed impartially, to our best knowledge and independently of any third party interests.


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