Demand for Renewable Energies (RE) is experiencing enormous growth, and the RE industry is developing rapidly around the world. The generation and distribution of energy from its natural sources -- wind, solar and hydro -- are reaching significant levels within many markets. For the future, the use of Renewable Energies will become even more essential, due to the limitation of conventional energy sources and their various negative impacts on our environment. The long-term challenge is to achieve a sustainable balance of energy security, technical and economic feasibility and environmentally friendly energy production.

CUBE Engineering and its employees are highly committed to take on this challenge. With our ideas, knowledge and expertise we are already contributing to a significant increase of energy generation from RE. As a participant in the United Nations’ Global Compact, CUBE strongly supports its ten basic principles “to support the development and provision of environmental friendly technologies”. This will be essential for ensuring a sustainable energy supply for future generations.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, we have dedicated ourselves to this challenge. We started with engineering and consultancy for early wind farm projects.  Building on this experience, we have developed a one-stop service for various types of projects and developments within the Renewable Energy business.Making use of an interdisciplinary network of experts, CUBE has established itself as one of the leading national and international consultancy offices in the industry.

Besides our main subject of wind energy we are working in the fields of photovoltaic, biomass, (small) hydro power and pump storages, co-generation as well as distributed generation and smart energy systems within national and international projects and R&D programs. CUBE has succeeded in project work for a total installed electrical capacity of more than 17,800 MW within more than 5,100 projects worldwide.  
During the last decade CUBE has expanded its international activities and business continuously. Currently we are generating app. 80% of our turnover from projects outside of Germany. We are there where our clients need us: in Kassel, Hamburg and Hannover.

CUBE is now part of Ramboll. With 13,000 employees and 300 offices in 35 countries around the world, Ramboll is a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company. Ramboll has a strong energy unit employing 800 specialists. Together, CUBE and Ramboll can offer clients a full range of services within wind energy and global knowledge combined with an understanding of local conditions.

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